Holistic havens: creating your indoor/outdoor sanctuary

Dec 28, 2021

Author Deepak Chopra said, “The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.”

This year is the year of self-invention or re-invention. It’s a time when many of us are looking inward and focusing on enhancing our wellbeing. Self-care can look different for everybody. Whether it’s stepping outside to work in the garden, practicing yoga on the patio, or unwinding in a space doing something we enjoy, 2022 is about refreshing our minds and bodies and working toward letting the stress of daily life slip away, if only for a few moments.

Holistic Havens, one of our Top 5 Design Trends, is all about creating your perfect sanctuary for relaxation, self-reflection, or simply spending time with friends and family. It’s about connecting with our natural surroundings to embrace calm, soak up the sunshine, and discover what you need and enjoy. From luxurious backyard lounges to spacious outdoor kitchens and dining areas to streamlined indoor/outdoor retreats, we are seeing designers and homeowners take unique and beautiful approaches to create the ideal outdoor oasis.